3 tips for the maintenance of generators in winter

The arrival of winter is a dangerous period for the health and maintenance of generators. 

We can not forget that, the conditions, in cold season, pose a risk when starting our engine. Due mainly to the lowering of temperatures the moment of the start is very delicate. The diesel engines start very badly in the cold, and that’s when they start!

For all this you can never forget the good maintenance of the generators. On the one hand from Agresa we want to remind you always that you keep your generators up to date on maintenance, but above all in winter.

Maintenance of generators in winter, Agresa

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Maintenance of generators in winter


It is very important to control the battery level of your electric generator periodically during all times of the year. Also, you have to be especially careful after the summer, why?

The electrolyte is composed of sulfuric acid and distilled water. The latter evaporates more in summer and it is possible that the water level at this stage of the year is low, which could ruin the battery. That would cause the generator set will not start when we need it!

Maintenance of generators in winter, Agresa


Generators installed in cold areas have a resistance that heats the antifreeze that circulates through the engine. This resistance has a thermostat that keeps the antifreeze at a temperature between 35º to 40º degrees. The optimal temperature for the proper functioning of the generator and key to the proper maintenance of generator sets.

To check that the resistance works, we must touch the motor at the top and notice that it is hot. If this is not the case, we must urgently call the technical service, because starting at a very low temperature can cause damage to the motor.

Maintenance of generators in winter, Agresa


Finally, another very important aspect in the maintenance of generators is the checking of the coolant level. To check, we have to remove the engine radiator cap, located at the top. Removing this plug, always with the radiator cold and the engine stopped, we can check the coolant level.

If the coolant level was below the resistance it could not heat all the parts of the engine correctly and could even burn the resistance itself, as it is not in contact with liquid.

Maintenance of generators in winter, Agresa

For the good maintenance of the generators and their engines in winter, we must replace the radiator with adequate coolant, never with water. Also, we must notify the technical service if we detect any leak or any stain of refrigerant in any area.

In Agresa, we have a team to validate the maintenance of generator sets and generators.

Many customers trust us to have the generator in good condition throughout the year.

That is why they have contracted preventive or corrective maintenance of their generator set.

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