Agresa App is a key tool to facilitate the choice of the best generating set. It is installed in companies according to their power, fuel consumption and/or location.

Nowadays, companies in different sectors need to ensure their daily operation at an energy level. Especially those that are in a process of growth and, therefore, in need of greater energy capacity.

It is in these moments that companies can find in Agresa a valuable partner. It will not only accompany them in energy maintenance if they already have a generator installed. If not tambie´n in defining current and potential energy needs, advise and offer the most useful tools such as the Agresa App.

Agresa app, the free energy tool of the moment, Agresa

First of all, the Agresa App was designed in response to the real needs of Agresa’s customers and potential customers, existing in both the national and international markets. It is useful to be able to calculate independently the fuel consumption of your groups, the electrical calculations according to the parameters of the generating set (KVA, KV, AMPERIOS) that you have installed in your company or that you want to install in the near future. Also, according to the dimensions of the location where it should be installed.

The Agresa App is an invaluable tool that allows the user to define some bases to follow. They allow you to make a final decision that is appropriate to your real needs, always with the direct and personalised attention of the entire Agresa team. This allows you to resolve any doubts that may arise and offer the best service in terms of both product quality and management.



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