grupo electrógeno Doosan

Hello everybody!

Today we want to share some great news for customers and lovers of electrical energy: Agresa has bought the warehouse adjacent to its previous location, which means that we have tripled our surface area. This new acquisition has allowed us to improve and expand our infrastructure to offer a better service to our customers.

Firstly, thanks to this expansion, we have been able to acquire a fleet of generator sets for rental, allowing us to offer a wider range of temporary power solutions to all our customers.

In addition, the new floor space has allowed us to have more space for our workshop, which means we can serve more customers and carry out larger and more complex projects. We also have more generator sets in stock to ensure that we always have the latest models and can meet our customers’ needs.

We would also like to highlight that, thanks to this expansion, we have been able to improve our waste management and organisation. We have implemented new strategies to reduce and recycle the materials used in our interventions and in the daily operation of our company. This demonstrates our commitment to the environment and our corporate social responsibility.

Finally, we have joined the facades of the two halls and refurbished the new hall to give it a modern and professional look. The result is a larger and more impressive facility that we are sure our customers will appreciate.

All in all, the purchase of the adjoining warehouse has been a great success for Agresa and our customers. This new space has allowed us to expand and improve our services to provide a better customer experience and be prepared for the challenges of the future.

Thank you for reading and for trusting Agresa for your energy needs.

grupo electrógeno Doosan