Agresa tells you all about the applications of generators

Do you know the main applications of generators?, Agresa

Which is the main function of a generator?

The main mission of a generator set is none other than to supply electricity to all those sites that do not have access to it. There may also be the possibility that, if they have electricity, but their electrical system is deficient or not able to supply all that is needed. In any of these cases, it is advisable to install an independent generating set.

What uses and applications can we give to our generator set?

Main energy source

In this case the generating set is the first electrical source and the one in charge of supplying energy to the whole installation. Within this group we can find:

Do you know the main applications of generators?, Agresa
  • Telecommunications installations: in this type of installations the communication depends on the operation of the repeating antennas, installed in a habitual way in remote places, a great amount of electrical energy is required.

  • Caravans and campsites: in this case it is very likely that these facilities are in the middle of the mountain or in inaccessible areas near the beach. The number of people who visit them in high season makes it essential to buy an electric generator.

  • Maritime vessels: in vessels, yachts and cruises where access to a conventional electrical network is impossible, this type of equipment is essential.

  • Military camps: they are often in remote areas and face emergency situations on a regular basis.

  • Rural houses: as their name suggests, they are installations far from civilization and that access or have a conventional electricity network is usually quite difficult.

  • Mining: as a general rule, mining extractions are often far removed from sites with access to electricity and require a powerful generating set.

Emergency power supply

Installations with access to the conventional electrical network but susceptible to being affected by electrical faults of different types:

Do you know the main applications of generators?, Agresa
  • Hospitals: if there is a power failure in it, the consequences can be catastrophic. It is highly recommended to install a generator.

  • Schools: in the event of a power failure, a generator can ensure that students do not miss a single day of class.

  • Wastewater treatment plants: this type of facility is required to work 24 hours a day. In order to avoid any unexpected setbacks, it is better to choose a good generating set.

  • Data centers (servers): distributors of Internet services; databases of web pages; hostings and domains; for their good functioning it is vital to have a first quality electrical service, because a failure can knock down the whole system and lose the work of months or years.

  • Hotels: enjoying a generator is a guarantee that all your clients will enjoy all the services of your hotel in any circumstance.

These are the main applications of modern generator sets. For more information please contact Agresa and we will help you. We are specialists in this type of electrical installations.

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