What do the tests that we usually carry out with load banks consist of?

When it comes to buying a large and industrial generator set, given it is a considerable investment for any company, it is vitally important to have everything controlled down to the last millimetre and know how to accurately and rigorously identify the power that will best suit your energy needs. You also need to know all of the factors that should be taken into account from a mechanical and electrical point of view, so it is worth allowing yourself to be advised by professionals. 

Equally, if you already have a generator set that you have not used for a long time and you would like to know whether everything works as it should, or you want to monitor its period of activity to identify potential faults, we have a test bank for generator sets. 

Where it is not possible to carry out switch tests with a load, it is important to apply loads to the generator set to check if it is working properly, whilst also guaranteeing that residues are not forming in the injection and exhaust circuits due to the underperformance of the motor.  

These residues are to blame for the reduction in performance during the periods of activity and, if not detected on time, they can cause serious faults and greater problems.

By applying the load banks close to the generator set’s power limit, all of the residues are eliminated by combustion, they burn and the motor works perfectly again.

test sets for electronic groups
test sets for electronic groups
Test banks for generator sets
power banks for electronic groups
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Test banks for generator sets: other interesting information

The objective of carrying out checks with test banks for generator sets is to analyse in depth and monitor the working of all of the machine’s components, as well as its response to the different situations and demands that may arise during its periods of activity. 

Thanks to this, we can quickly and accurately detect all of the tasks and corrective maintenance the generator set requires in order to service it correctly.

At the end, a report is drafted with all of the data from the tests carried out and the measures checked on your generator set, decisions are then taken as appropriate to repair whatever is necessary.

What do the tests and tasks related to the corrective maintenance of generator sets consist of?

The corrective maintenance of generator sets encompasses the tasks and repairs that are detected in the report from the checks with the test bank for generator sets; in the event that it indicates a failure, or a specific fault appears, it is crucial that it is repaired before working with the machine since, if this is not done, the machine could break completely. 

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power banks for electronic groups

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power banks for electronic groups

It is important to note that we are official distributors of brands as renowned as CUMMINS, KOFO, Baudouin, or Doosan among others, and we have an in-depth knowledge of both the working of their generator sets and all of the components these types of machine contain. 

As a company dedicated to the sale of generator sets, our greatest value is the excellent human team of professionals that make up our company. All of them have a wealth of knowledge, are passionate about their work and are dedicated to service. 

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