Batteries, a key element of your generator set

What role do the batteries in your generator set?

Batteries play a fundamental role in your generator set. As you should know, they are responsible for supplying the electricity of your equipment. For that reason, you should always keep them in a good state of conservation. If you don’t do that,  you can have serious problems when you are going to use your generator set.

What do we recommend from Agresa?

Batteries, a key element of your generator set, Agresa

We are supporters and we always recommend a quarterly review of the water level and generator density. This may vary depending on the type of battery your generator set has.

On the other hand, and also every three months, we recommend checking the condition of the terminals because it is vital that they are always clean and well greased. The life of your generator will lengthen considerably if you follow these simple guidelines

How often should you replace the generator set batteries?

Agresa recommends replacing the batteries of the specific generator sets for emergency situations every three years. This also involves checking the proper functioning of the battery charger.

How can we help you?

Batteries, a key element of your generator set, Agresa

Decide to trust in a specialized company like ours to perform the maintenance of your generator set. You will be betting for the security and efficiency that it gives you to work with the best professionals. Our technicians will verify, in a very short time, the health status of your equipment. Then, they will make a detailed report of their status, as well as a list of possible anomalies in the system that may affect its operation.

Do not waste any more time and contact our commercial department. We will elaborate a budget adjusted to your pocket and your requests. You already know that in Agresa, your needs and your satisfaction pass over everything.