The importance of testing your genset with a load bank

Together with load bank testing, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance of a generating set are essential for its proper operation. For this reason, scheduled checks must be carried out in order to prevent system failures.

There are installations where load switching tests are not possible, but this does not mean that they should not be done. It is advisable to apply loads to check the correct functioning of the generating set and prevent failures in the operations. Carrying out tests with load banks on your generator set is key.

Load bank testing

There are many reasons why generating sets should be subjected to a load bank test. From Agresa we offer you a list that you can’t miss if you have any doubts about carrying out the process to your generator:

  • The load bank tests verify the capacities of the generators at 100% power. Unlike simply starting it routinely.

  • Problems discovered early can be significantly less expensive and prevent major problems in the future. Don’t forget: Prevention is better than cure!
  • The prevention process helps prevent carbon build-up and cleans your generator’s carbon deposits. This helps the generator to operate at maximum power.
  • Testing with a load bank allows you to verify that the engine cooling systems will work while they are under load.
  • It gives the guarantee that the generator set must work properly when it needs it most. Especially in unexpected and emergency situations, where having electricity supply is essential for your projects and installations.

With load testing you can guarantee that the group will give the load, ensuring its performance and giving the peace of mind you expect. In addition, with the load bank the corrective maintenance to be carried out can be determined with great accuracy.

If you need more information about testing your generator set, do not hesitate to contact Agresa’s sales department. We are professionals in the sector, who will advise you on your selection process and maintenance of generators.