Everything you need to consider when buying generator sets

The purchase of generator sets has no secret for Agresa. And you know why? Because in Agresa we have more than forty years of accredited experience as experts in the sale and commercialization of generator sets. In this article, you will discover our great catalogue for the purchase of the most advanced and modern generator sets, with the best brands and models available in the market.

In Agresa we know that, for a correct functioning of the electricity supply, it is necessary the correct installation of certain generator sets where the battery plays a primary role for its use and subsequent maintenance. In this sense, working side by side with the best brands in the energy sector, in Agresa you will find a wide range of models so that the purchase of the chosen generator set is a simple task. Of course, always considering the appropriate needs for your business activity.

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Purchase of generator sets from market leading brands

If you want to buy generator sets, you should know that in Agresa we only work with the main brands in the market. Baudouin, Cummins, Doosan, Kofo and Mitsubishi, all of them are brands of recognized prestige and are always taking the top positions of purchase and sale in the domestic and foreign market. 

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Purchase of BAUDOUIN generator sets

More than a century of experience endorses this renowned French company for the development, design, and marketing of generator sets. It has multiple R+D+i centres in constant technological evolution and stands out mainly for its reliability, durability, and a most competitive price. And as if that were not enough, they are committed to environmental sustainability and technological innovation in the nautical sector.

The maintenance and repairs of Baudouin generator sets is practical, efficient, and simple as well as economical, meeting the highest standards of energy quality that are currently required.

By accessing our catalogue, you can find the groups of this prestigious brand.

Purchase of CUMMINS generator sets

Another large American company that exceeds one hundred years and that day by day offers the best services for the purchase and sale of generator sets, becoming one of the most solid brands in the current energy landscape.

In this sense, in Cummins Inc you will find a wide variety of generator sets manufactured from 2.5 to 3,500kW for diesel and alternative fuel engines, with a capacity ranging from 2.8 to 85 litres. 

In addition, having a large distribution network throughout Europe, they offer a great after-sales service for repairs, maintenance, supply of parts and fuels as well as an extensive range of new applications and equipment with full support.

As if that were not enough, Cummins has a wide portfolio of energy solutions, also covering hybrid and electric platforms, including filtrations, air handling and electric power generation systems, among many other advantages. 

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Purchase of DOOSAN generator sets

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and most recognized brands in the sector. And it is that his career, since he began in 1899, endorses him.

purchase of generator sets

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and most recognized brands in the sector. And it is that his career, since he began in 1899, endorses him. Doosan (Korea) has a large cast of state-of-the-art generator sets, with basic control panels in terms of operation and usability, with powers ranging between 90 and 825kVA.

In addition to providing the world with products and generator sets with immediate performance, Doosan is committed to the development of a pure and ecological technology, with an eye always on protecting the environment and the emission of noise, thanks to the use of natural gas as a fuel.

In Agresa we have the best Doosan generator sets with very competitive offers.  

Compra de grupos electrógenos KOFO

If what you are looking for is a good diesel engine and above all economical, you have hit the nail on the head betting on KOFO, a Chinese company of recognized international prestige, specialized in high technology for the energy sector and R + D + i.

The efficiency and quality of its engines and generator sets make it an obligatory reference, given its multiple advantages with the launch of silent diesel generator sets, which emit very few polluting gases in favour of the environment.

With easy maintenance, you can find the best KOFO model on the market up to 40% cheaper than other competing models. 

purchase of generator sets
purchase of generator sets

Purchase of MITSUBISHI generator sets

We arrived at another company that is strongly committed to state-of-the-art technology, offering a customized power generation system thanks to its MU-G series. Mitsubishi presents a wide range of silent, hard, compact electronic groups with low levels of vibration and loudness.

The reliability and performance of these generator sets is more than proven, as well as their price, one of the most attractive at the moment.  The aesthetics, finish, and personality of these generator sets manufactured by Mitsubishi make it one more option within the list that you will find in Agresa.  

Purchase of generator sets in Agresa: quality and guarantee

In short, if after this comparison you have not yet decided on the purchase of generator sets for your company, from Agresa we will be happy to help you choose the best option according to your needs. Contact us without any commitment by calling 93 877 20 20 or writing to us at agresa@agresa.es

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