Mitsubishi: modular diesel generator sets

The Mitsubishi diesel generator sets of the MGS series, Agresa

The Mitsubishi MGS series of generator sets comprises a wide range of modularly designed diesel equipment. With different power outputs at your disposal, they are designed for different operational applications and have many fully customizable functions. The intention of the brand is to offer a specific solution for each of its customers.

What are the characteristics of the gensets in this line?

Mitsubishi diesel gensets have a number of features that have made them very powerful and reliable power supply equipment. In addition, you should know that they can be purchased at very reasonable prices compared to other market options.

They are easy to operate and quick to start; proven reliability and operational flexibility; guaranteed high performance and low operating cost; black start capability for the uninterruptible power supply system; container application and high adaptability; wide range of optional features available; parallel operation with a commercial power supply; oversized radiator for high temperature (up to 50º); or a modern remote cooling system are some of their most outstanding general features.

On the other hand, they are equipments that comply with all the emission standards dictated by the European Union.

Contact with Agresa

Agresa le puede proporcionar los equipos Mitsubishi más modernos y avanzados

The Mitsubishi diesel generator sets of the MGS series, Agresa

If you are looking to buy a Mitsubishi generator set, you will be interested to know that Agresa has some models available. Stand By power, with a range from 825 kVA to 2500 kVA, 400 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. They are not limited to annual hours of operation. As an example, in this link you will find a technical data sheet with a sample model. If you need more information, just contact us and we will advise you directly. We will study your needs to the point where we can find the equipment that meets all your requirements.

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