If you need a generator for a short time, or just do not want to buy it…
Agresa has the solution;
Rent a temporary generator!

Nowadays, in any business sector it is necessary to have a power source. That, although it may not be totally essential for your activity, everyone prefers it to be in constant operation.

First of all, the problem comes when, in a timely manner, a system failure occurs and it ceases to be operative. In these occasions the ideal would be to have an electric generator. It has to be installed throughout the year and that had passed a preventive maintenance. Which was put into operation automatically and thus avoid the problems arising from this stop at production, labor and cost.

Generador eléctrico provisional 3_ Agresa

Many companies, but do not want or can not afford the cost of buying an electric generator, or they do not have space to maintain it annually.

Agresa Generadores eléctricos, has the solution to this small problem. Although it is temporary, requires a quick and effective solution; the rental of temporary generators of Agresa.

Agresa is committed to making a study of your needs to assess what generator set you need. Also, install it in the location you indicate and do the maintenance that corresponds when you touch, without the customer having to worry.

Generador eléctrico provisional_ Agresa

The rental service of temporary generators does not have a limit or maximum of time established to contract it. Consequently the client can extend it in time and pay the service. He can do it in comfortable monthly installments very competitive and adapted to the real needs of the client.

We must also know that the generators available to Agresa for rentals are top quality as we work with manufacturers with years of experience in the sector and with a good performance.

If you need to rent a temporary generator, do not hesitate to contact us!
Years of experience and our customers guarantee us!