FG Wilson, a benchmark company with more than 50 years of experience in the design of diesel generators sets.

Wilson FG Gensets: Features and Consumption, Agresa

FG Wilson is a company dedicated to the design and supply of diesel generator sets. It distributes its equipment all over the world and has more than fifty years of experience, a factor that has become the best guarantee of reliability and quality for its generators sets. Its product ranges from 6.8 to 2500 kVA. It includes everything from open generators and fairings for domestic use to modules that function as complete power stations, dedicated to the supply of electricity to national networks.

FG Wilson: custom solutions for larger energy needs

Wilson FG Gensets: Features and Consumption, Agresa

Open to all types of projects, it can design equipment for larger energy needs, providing custom solutions that adapt to the needs of each project or client. FG Wilson’s current position is very clear, it is a world leader in the energy sector, on the one hand, as a result of its experience in the field of electrical engineering, and on the other, due to the strong investment it has made in recent years in I+D of new technologies or production methods.

FG Wilson and its international expansion

Wilson FG Gensets: Features and Consumption, Agresa

With international production sites in Brazil, China, India and the USA, plus headquarters in Northern Ireland, FG Wilson’s manufacturing operations have grown exponentially.  Among all its facilities and centers it covers more than 186,000 m² worldwide, from which it produces more than 132,000 generating sets a year. A real record figure!

On the other hand, with around 370 authorized distributors such as Agresa, in more than 150 countries, coupled with its international experience and engineering expertise, it has placed itself in the best position to offer the most cost-effective and technically advanced power generation systems in the world. Agresa bears witness to this and certifies it!

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