We are in the middle of December and this is the time when many mountain businesses start their annual activity. Ski resorts, bars, cafés, restaurants, mountain activity companies… Countless businesses depend on the arrival of cold weather and snow to attract their customers.

Many of these businesses are often located in areas that are difficult to access or that may become isolated after heavy snowfalls or that could lose their electricity supply due to storms. It is therefore vital to have generators that can provide support in the event of unforeseen circumstances or even serve as the sole electrical backup in remote areas.

However, the cold can be a great enemy of generating sets in the mountains. It can affect their correct operation, maintenance and durability, which is why it is important to take extra measures if you have a generating set in the mountains.

grupo electrógeno Doosan

What steps should I take to keep my equipment fully operational in the cold?

grupo electrógeno Doosan

The first measure you should take to ensure the correct operation of your generating set is the use of anti-freeze liquid. Thanks to it, our equipment will be able to work properly, withstanding temperatures as low as -18ºC.

Another solution is the heating resistor. Thanks to it, our generator set will be able to heat the water of the equipment to about 50ºC to achieve an optimum temperature for its work.

Installing our equipment inside a container is also a solution for very cold environments. In this way, we will achieve greater protection for it. There are even heated containers that can further improve the maintenance and operating conditions of our generator set in extremely cold areas.

If you have a business that needs a generator set, but you fear for its operation because you are in areas with low temperatures, call us and we will advise you. We will study your case and offer you the best solution adapted to your needs. Not only with regard to the cold, but also to the type of equipment and power you will need for the correct development of your activity.