A right maintenance of generator sets it’s of vital importance to ensure his functioning during the entire year and to enlarge the product life.

One of the most frequent questions of our clients when we are realizing a generator set maintenance is: Do I have a full fuel tank?

From Agresa Generator Sets we give you the answer; Yes, for several reasons:

The first is logical, if the manufacturer tells us that a generator has a range of 10 or 12 hours full performance, always refers to the full tank of diesel oil, because otherwise the generator will stop when the fuel reaches 5% of the deposit.


Installation of 4500 liters of diesel for 4 groups of 1000Kva

The second reason is rather physical or climatological. When the tank is not full, the space that does not occupy the diesel is occupied by air. This air changes its humidity concentration due to differences in ambient temperature, that is, during the day, when the ambient temperature is higher, it contains more humidity and at night, when the temperature drops, the air can not contain so much humidity and it condenses in the form of water mixing with the diesel.

Taking into account this situation, always looking for excellence in the maintenance of generator sets of our company, both to avoid possible unexpected costs as well as stops in production or daily business development, we must be aware that mixing water with diesel can cause, with the passage of time, that the percentage of it ends up causing damage to the engine of the generator set.


To avoid all this and to continue with an adequate maintenance of the installed generator set, from Agresa Generating sets we recommend you dimension the tank correctly and for the autonomy required by the installation and always have it full.

In Agresa we offer a quality service to help companies not have to worry about the maintenance of generator sets installed in their centers: Preventive maintenance, followed by Corrective maintenance in the event that, in the previous phase, any failure or a negative diagnosis is obtained.

The maintenance of generator sets can seem complicated, but it should not be if the guidelines established by the manufacturer and the instructions of your trusted supplier are followed.

Source: José Ramos (Technical Department)

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