Generator sets with KOFO engine, safe bet and high reliability

What are KOFO engine generators?

The KOFO engine generator sets are a specific type of diesel engines designed by Shadong KOFO Co. A company dedicated to the development and research of high-tech equipment. From Agresa we want to make a small reflection, analyzing why we think you should choose this type of engine.

Why choose generators with KOFO engine?

Generator sets with KOFO engine

We want to mention that this has been the most used and sold engine in the national market during all these years of industrial growth. This type of engines have given very good results in generators designed for continuous use.

On the other hand, the tests that we have carried out in our workshops, with banks of resistive loads or very high load impacts, have shown its high degree of reliability once again.

The fact that demostrate it, is very simple. Since it began to be imported in 2009, have been sold in Spain, more than one thousand two hundred units. Undoubtedly, a commercial success of the company that manufactures it.

Generator sets with KOFO engine

KOFO engines differ from the most common engines that can be found in the current market by the way they are built.

Let’s see an example of the basic differences:

  • For a 110KVA generator set we are assembling a KOFO 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 6.5 liters and an equal power in mechanical kilowatts.

  • For a generator set of 110 KVA we also assembled a PERKINS engine with 4 cylinders, a displacement of 4.4 liters and equal power to the previous one.

By way of summary, we will outline its main advantages:

  • Its quality and efficiency are amply demonstrated.

  • Increase in the reception of load impacts (40% more) compared to its main competitors. This is extremely useful in generators designed for emergency situations.

  • It enjoys a great mechanical simplicity and it does not depend on any software to intervene the motors, offering faster repairs.

For today it is enough. From Agresa we like to recommend this type of engine because its power, safety, and efficiency. A sure value that will not disappoint you.