How to choose generators for the construction sector?


Generator sets for the construction industry must meet a series of requirements and services that are essential in any medium or large construction site.

In the first place, we are talking about generator sets that will surely have to work for long periods of time, being advisable that they are of main or continuous power and that they use diesel, because if not the fuel consumption of the equipment goes up.

On the other hand, environmental conditions are often extreme, a factor that requires equipment and generators capable of withstanding high temperatures, large amounts of dust or intense noise for many hours by the operators who use them.

To reduce the risk of people’s exposure to noise, which can cause migraines, stress, or anxiety among other diseases, it is highly advisable to choose a soundproof or silent generator set.

It is also of vital importance that they be equipment that can withstand considerable variations in the workload, depending on the heavy machinery that needs to be supplied: cranes, hammers,…

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