Digitalitzation is a differential factor of modern generator sets

Thanks to the generators set control panel, the levels can be regulated and the state of all the elements can be analysed before putting them into operation. We are talking about a digital controller that is used for the simple and daily management of a generator, by means of software specially designed for this purpose.

Agresa arranges and installs different modules depending on the needs of each client and their model of generator set. Today we want to show you all the features and peculiarities of the ComAp AMF25 control module. A generator set control panel that monitors the operation and other aspects of the generating set, being able to give warnings of faults or start the equipment in the event of a fall in the electricity network.

ComAp AMF25 control module

Generators set control panel: What is their function and what are they for?, Agresa

The ComAp AMF25 control module is a control unit with automatic startup in case of power failure. It is used to watch and monitor the power supply and to start the generator set in case of an unexpected power failure.

The generator set control panel has a microprocessor that monitors the status and operation of the genset, and under what conditions the faults occur, indicating this in real time via an LCD screen. This unit can be connected directly to the engine’s electronic control unit via the j1939 CANBUS port, also showing the results on the display. The control unit automatically monitors the mains voltage, the starting or stopping of the equipment, as well as the load transfer.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that it divides the failures in two groups of data: warnings and alarms. Each one of them has separately programmed measurement values, and can give failure warnings remotely and in real time.

Finally, you have multiple communication options: RS232, RS485, MODBUS, Router, possibility to connect to the Internet…

Measurements and stoppages of this generator set control panel

Generators set control panel: What is their function and what are they for?, Agresa

This is a generator set control panel capable of making measurements of all kinds and displaying the results on the screen: engine speed, oil pressure, cooling temperature, operating hours, battery or group voltage, frequency (L1-L2-L3), phase current, total Kw, kVAr, Kwh/Kvah/Kvarh, power factors, phase sequence or the network voltage and frequency.

Depending on the results, the software is able to give warnings and pre-alarms by:

Alerts and pre-alarms of the ComAp AMF25 control unit 

  • Low battery voltage

  • Stop failure

  • Low fuel level

  • System overload

  • Phase sequence failure

  • Loss of signal and speed

  • High engine temperature

  • Decrease or increase in speed

  • Decrease or increase in the frequency used

  • Decrease or increase of the generator set voltage

  • Load failure

  • Low oil pressure

Stopping the entire system

  • In the event of a startup failure

  • Emergency stop activated

  • Low oil pressure

  • High engine temperature

  • Low coolant level

  • Increasing or decreasing speed

  • Overloading or increasing the genset voltage

  • Oil pressure sensor opening

  • A failure in phase rotation

  • Ground fault

  • Equipment overload

  • Overfrequency

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Generators set control panel: What is their function and what are they for?, Agresa

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