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Differences between "Prime" and "Stand By" power generators, Agresa

Generator sets can be designed to supply energy continuously or only in emergency situations, as a complementary source to the conventional electrical network. Today we will show you the differences between a “Prime” and a “Stand By” generator set.

We will explain it from an industrial point of view, as our speciality is the sale of generators of 10 kVA or higher for different sectors: industrial, services, hospitals, residences…, leaving aside the domestic sector.

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Special features of “Stand By” power

The term “Stand By” refers to electrical equipment that is on, but in a hibernation or resting stage. “Stand by” generators are usually the most common, since their main purpose is to provide emergency power for a limited period of time, which often coincides with outages or failures of the conventional electrical network.

The traditional classification of this type of groups must be dimensioned with a load factor of 100% and about 200 hours of operation per year. It is an equipment designed to be connected to the electrical network and remain on, but not working, waiting for a possible failure of that network. It is a reliable secondary power source.

Using this type of group will provide you with the assurance that, in the event of a power failure, the operation of all your basic equipment is guaranteed.

Special features of the Prime power

The “Prime” power generators are equipment conceived and designed to use the main energy source, that is to say, where there is no access to the conventional electrical network. At Agresa we do not recommend that the variable load of the group exceeds 80% and its operating period cannot exceed 300 hours without carrying out the necessary preventive maintenance. If the motor of the group works at 100% power, the hours worked for each year should not exceed 500.

At a lower power, this type of group can operate up to 24 hours per day. Keep in mind that constant use at a very high load reduces the useful life of the engine and equipment.

An that is our short summary of the differences between “Prime” and “Stand By” power in generator sets of 10 kVA or more.

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