Reduce diesel generator set maintenance to the minimum

How to increase the useful life of your generator set?, Agresa

All generators have an estimated useful life that can be either extended or shortened depending on the use that we make of them. There is pretty much no secret when trying to extend the life of a generator, so we will try to give you some tips so you can do it more easily.

It is critical that you know the way your generator works and its possible reactions given any particular situation or circumstance. This will let you understand the problem easily so you can solve it faster. Besides this, you will need to carry out constant and effective preventive maintenance in order to reduce the probability that any problem arises.

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Diesel generator set maintenance: tips for extending the life of your generator set, saving on maintenance and maximising the return of your investment.

How to increase the useful life of your generator set?, Agresa

Get to know your product in detail

We know reading long manuals is not amusing at all, but to get to know your new generator set, it is quite important that you do it. This way, you will have a better understanding of the product and might avoid future problems.

Location is critical

Make sure your generator set is installed in the correct location. Remember that it will produce smoke and heat emissions, so place it at least one meter away from any other machine and in a well-ventilated space without humidity.

Check the liquids levels and the filters of the generator set

Fuel and oil are the two liquids that are essential for the proper functioning of your generator set. Before putting it to work, you will have to check the level of both fuel and oil. Also, make sure that air, oil and fuel filters are clean and free of dirt, as it might difficult their optimal operation.

Auxiliary element belts

It is recommended to always check the belts once the generator set is done but with the engine running, as it is the only way to see if they still have the right tension.

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With the four tips explained above, we hope you now have a little more knowledge on how to apply preventive maintenance to your generator set. If you need or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. And always remember that repairing a diesel generator set is neither an easy nor cheap task, so you might want to avoid it with the right maintenance!