With this application you will have a fully guaranteed genset controller

genset controller, Agresa

We offer you the possibility to manage your group comfortably and remotely 

Agresa presents an application that will allow you to control and remotely manage your generator in a simple and effective way. In essence, it is an app that sends all types of data to your mobile device, so that you can control the operation of the generator in real time, solve incidents, stop alarms or anticipate any setbacks during its operation. All this, comfortably from your home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

genset controller, Agresa

A free service for all companies in essential sectors for the duration of the alarm state

In Agresa we believe that we will only overcome this crisis if we help each other. We would like to announce that we will offer this service completely free of charge to all those companies in the essential sectors that need it. All of them, surely, have generators to ensure the energy supply in case of any failure of the conventional electricity network: hospitals, supermarkets, food production factories…

From Agresa, we will make our switchboard available to you, as well as a complete service for monitoring and managing incidents, 24 hours a day, through this application. All customers will have the possibility of making video calls to ask us questions related to the operation of their electrical supply equipment. On the other hand, for any emergency where it is necessary that one of our technicians travel to make an on site repair, they only have to call +34 609 57 95 75.

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Advantages of this generator controller

  • Programming of all types of warnings and alarms in order to anticipate problems before they become an emergency

  • Possibility to reset the generating set in a fast and easy way.

  • It has a functionality that will allow you to perform all kinds of tests and trials remotely.

  • It will considerably reduce the number of visits by technicians, as well as some maintenance tasks which, until now, have been carried out in person.

  • You will create your own database and have the entire period of your group’s activity monitored on your phone.

  • It also offers the possibility of monitoring the activity of third party equipment connected to your group.

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New technologies have greatly facilitated this process of remote control and management of a generator

Before the emergence and development of information technologies, this process of remote management of generators was much more complicated. We lacked the reliability necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the power supply equipment, and all attempts required large budget items. With the paradigm shift we have experienced over the past few years, everything has become much simpler and more economical. The service we offer to all our customers with this app, does not require a large investment, enjoys a super simple usability and its reliability is more than guaranteed. It is a very good solution for all those facilities and equipment that are far away from civilization and big cities, increasing the capacity and reaction time exponentially, with all the advantages that this entails.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

genset controller, Agresa

Every new system generates doubts to the users. We know this and we want you to be very clear that an important part of our daily work consists of advising you and answering all the necessary questions. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a direct and personalized treatment. You can do so by filling in the contact form on this website; by sending an e-mail to agresa@agresa.es; or by calling +34 93 877 20 20.

As experts in complicated generator installations, believe us when we assure you that this application will make the daily management of your electricity supply equipment much easier. Don’t have the slightest doubt!

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