Today, like many other days in the office, we celebrate the anniversary of one of our classmates. Happy Birthday! In Agresa, teamwork, cohesion and fellowship among all are one of the fundamental pillars for us.

In Agresa we are aware that, at times, it is difficult to find moments in which to gather all the team, because each one has its duties and responsibilities at certain times. Even so, although this factor increases the difficulty to find time to work on team cohesion, in our company we are aware that it is an essential point.

But this, perhaps, is one of the ways that we remember that we are in a team that loves us and that we want, among us there is camaraderie and a good atmosphere.

Share, laugh, listen, advance and understand. In any work team it is necessary that all workers feel not only understood and realized, but also part of the team to fight all for a common purpose.

Happy Birthday! Team work, Agresa

There are different things that can be done to improve teamwork. From Agresa we propose the following:

  • Joint celebrations: croissants, coffee with milk, coca with chocolate, a cake … Although sometimes you do not want to know how old you are, it is always nice to add. Do not stay alone celebrating your birthday and share it with all your colleagues, who knows if they have any surprise prepared for you …
  • Dinner and lunch on special dates: Christmas dinners that end when the sun rises, gifts from the invisible friend, meals where you explain what your summer holidays will be … Celebrate those special dates with your classmates to improve teamwork.
  • Cohesion Day: Go to the mountain, one day in a boat, join a scaperoom … Do different activities to improve cohesion and teamwork and arrive the following Monday with the batteries charged!

There is always that day when we are a little more stressed or drag home problems, then we have to remember all those we spend with ours both at work and at home.

Celebrate the special days and teamwork in your company whenever you can to generate a good atmosphere among all the companions.