What exactly are generator sets with high voltage outputs?

As time goes by and technology advances at an ever-increasing rate, generators with high voltage outputs are becoming more and more commonplace.  High voltage generators are often chosen for a number of different reasons that range from its technical aspects to the specific characteristics of every single installation in which it is used. 

Before we take a closer look at these generators, let’s look at the differences between low and high voltage. When we talk about systems with alternating currents, voltage is measured in VAC (Volts AC), which indicates how hard the electricity pushes through a circuit. 

Basically speaking, low-voltage systems are those that do not exceed 1,000 VAC, whereas high voltage systems can range from 1,000 VAC to a limitless power/output.

In some countries, generator sets which fall within the 1,000 and 15, 000VAC range are known as medium-voltage sets. However, this is not a standardized term and is not commonly used around the world. 

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Where can we find low voltage generators?

It is quite common to find low-voltage generators in private homes as well as in industries and commercial businesses. 

This range includes generator sets which can oscillate from single phase 230V and three-phase 400 VAC at 50Hz to single-phase 110VAC and three-phase 480 VAC at 60Hz.

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High voltage generators are needed when you work with high levels of electrical energy, because they can transmit much greater power levels by using currents and reduced conductor sections. 

By increasing voltage during transmission, large quantities of energy can be managed via overhead cables. 

What are high voltage generators used for?

All too often, low-voltage sets are just not enough, primarily because they have to be plugged into the main electricity supply grid.  This is when high voltage generators take the stage.

They are also crucial when more than one piece of equipment is connected at the same time as this would increase voltage to levels such as 5,5KV, or similar levels which are standard when working at 50Hz. 

So, before making a final decision on whether to invest in a low or high voltage generator set, we have prepared three key questions to guide you:

  • Do you have to connect to the main power supply grid?

  • What is the maximum power you want to reach with a generator set?

  • Are there any specific aspects to consider with regard to the generator’s voltage output?

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