How often you have to check a generator set: our recommendations

Do you know how often to check a generator set? It seems banal to say so, but performing routine and preventive maintenance of your generator set is of fundamental importance. Especially if its function is to replace the power outage in case of emergency. If a scheduled, eventual and prolonged power outage is when the generator set shows its usefulness and what is least desired is that precisely at that moment, the equipment fails.

In Agresa we are specialists in the sale of generator sets. We also have test benches to test the equipment and make sure it is in good condition. Our team of specialized technicians takes care of the maintenance tasks of generator sets to ensure proper operation when necessary. So, if you want to buy a generator set in Agresa you will always be in good hands.

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how often you have to check a generator set

Why should generator sets be maintained?

Some think that the ordinary maintenance of the generator sets in case of emergency is useless because “they are always stopped, and the oil is still new”. This is precisely the mistake that many make. Talking about a stopped generator set is like leaving a car in a garage for two or three years; surely it will not start in the first turn of key, even if it is kilometre zero. And not only will it not start, it will also have other problems, even if it is the most reliable of all time: its engine, as it is composed, needs to work and be maintained in the appropriate way.

how often you have to check a generator set

For this reason, when someone asks us how often to check a generator set, our answer is always the same: every time the manufacturer indicates it, or if not, once a year.

how often you have to check a generator set

In Agresa experience teaches us that this unpleasant situation, caused by insufficient maintenance, is more frequent than expected. Obviously, saving on cost is not a good deal because very often the damage caused by a failed start-up can be economically incomparable. Imagine the shutdown of an assembly line, data processing centres, or worse, an operating room, where a human life could pay the price for the lack of periodic checkups.

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What kind of maintenance should be performed on a generator set?

Performing the maintenance of a generator set means keeping all its components in good condition: engine, alternator, electrical panel. Each generator set manufacturer publishes the user and maintenance manual that lists the control operations to be performed in recommended and well-defined periods of time. It is highly recommended to always have a copy of the manual near the machine, along with the electrical diagrams and carry a table of interventions, which will help in the successful maintenance plan.

how often you have to check a generator set

And not only maintenance, but also prevention. It is essential that the technician who deals with the generator set has the sensitivity to also perform preventive maintenance, that is, to replace in time those additional components that will surely fail in the future because of their useful life. 

Agresa technicians have a long history of performing this type of action and have defined an optimal checklist of maintenance tasks for generator sets.

How often should maintenance be performed?

The frequency of the interventions is an essential parameter for the correct functioning of the generator set. The answer to the question of how often a generator set has to be checked is easy: the higher the frequency of interventions, the greater the reliability of the equipment. The greater the damage caused by not starting it, the greater the lack of confidence that the generator will offer.

Each intervention must be recorded in a specific report that must include: 

  • The work carried out

  • The materials used

  • The actual operating hours of the unit

  • The date of the intervention

  • Future planned interventions

What is checked on a generator set?

No-load and load-bearing operating tests, along with periodic check-up interventions, serve substantially to increase the reliability of the generator.

It’s a good idea to run the engine at idle at least once every two weeks, just to keep the moving parts inside the engine lubricated. It is advisable to leave it on for a few minutes. Diesel engines don’t really like to be idling for long periods.

The load test, on the other hand, is the real test that allows us to fully know the correct operation of the generator. Where possible, a power outage is often simulated to ensure that the start-up and charging processes are carried out regularly. In addition, with this test it is possible to verify:

  • The correct operation of the control coils of the group switch

  • The correct functioning of the network switching logic

  • The signals required by the load

  • The operation of the engine cooling system

  • Possible verification of the operation of the fuel transfer system from the storage tank to the service tank

  • Possible verification of correct load distribution for parallel generators

how often you have to check a generator set

What is the recommended emergency spare parts kit?

For the most critical sites, from Agresa we strongly recommend keeping an emergency spare parts kit ready to use in case of breakdown. In addition to oil and engine filters, other recommended spare parts are the following:

  • Relay and various electrical materials

  • Alternator voltage regulator

  • Rotary diode kit

  • Antifreeze for possible refills

  • Additives for antifreeze, oil and diesel

  • Starter Battery Kit

  • Motor and fan belt kit

  • Pump kit and spare injectors

  • Starter motor

how often you have to check a generator set

Trust Agresa for maintenance checks of your generator set

You can rely on Agresa for the maintenance of your generator set. We have the experience of thirty years of marketing and providing solutions in the sale, installation and maintenance of generator sets and generators with the best brands on the market. Feel the peace of mind that your generator set will fulfill its mission when it must fulfill it.

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