How to buy the ideal generator set for your needs?

Blackouts caused by a power outage can be a real headache. To avoid those situations, you have probably thought about how to buy a suitable generator set to solve the problem during an emergency.

Protecting against the possibility of periodic or habitual losses of power from the electricity grid is one of the priorities for many companies. It is almost an obligation to avoid as much economic loss as possible, as well as to safeguard critical facilities from blackouts. Of course, you must first consider the features and advantages to know how to buy an ideal generator set. 

how to buy a generator set
Do you require a generator set?

What is a generator set?

how to buy a generator set

A generator set is an apparatus whose function is to convert the heat capacity into mechanical energy and later into electrical energy. It consists mainly of engine and alternator joined and implemented in a base that can have fuel tanks, batteries, a charge transfer frame, a silencer or a control panel, depending on the selected model. Its main function is to provide the energy to be able to respond to energy demands in a real and efficient way. It can be the main source or the support of another source of electricity.

At Agresa, we can advise you when buying generator sets to ensure that you choose one suitable for your specific case.

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How to buy a generator set? Considering the types and their characteristics

Each customer may have different needs or requirements for the operation of a generator set. The main factors to consider if you are wondering how to buy a generator set are the type of use of the generator, whether its operation is continuous or sporadic, the load it must bear, where the equipment will be located and the weather conditions when selecting your generator set.

Conventional generator sets

Conventional generator sets run on fossil fuels such as petrol or diesel. The vast majority of these generators are alternators, which implies that they present difficulties when it comes to maintaining their standard speed. They do not have any output voltage regulation system. 

These generators are the most economical and the voltage of the current they generate may not be very stable, having some peaks. They are used for all types of appliances and machines that do not require a stable voltage. Generally, they serve with heavy machinery or tools that are not agreeing with the electrical grid.

how to buy a generator set
Types of conventional generators

AVR generator sets

AVR generator sets are more sophisticated current generators and are equipped with an automatic voltage regulation system, guaranteeing their stability in voltage similar to that supplied by the electricity grid. They are used to power household appliances, electronics and machines that require a stable voltage to work properly.

how to buy a generator set

Inverter generator sets

Inverter generator sets basically work through the use of fuel as a power source with an electric starting system which allows electricity to be generated. They are used to power electronic equipment that is more delicate. They are equipment that require a quality current, without voltage peaks or alterations in the supply. 

The engine speed adapts to the requested demand, improving consumption and a lower noise level, since the generator works at the revolutions (rpm) necessary to meet the demand. They are the lightest and most compact models, being widely used these for sensitive electronic equipment, audio, video, camping, outdoors.

How to buy a generator set of the right power?

The power that the generator set will have must be selected properly so that it has a correct operation. To complete this, it is necessary to calculate the sum of powers of the equipment and components that the generator set must support and consider a series of corrective factors, such as starting or the margin of safety.

Certain generator sets require a starting power greater than the actual operating power. This is known as minimum power requirement (PMR) and is the factor between starting power and operating power. This value is located on the computer’s nameplate.

It is necessary that there is a margin of safety to prevent the generator from always operating at 100% of its capacity. This guarantees a longer service life of the generator set. That margin of safety must be guaranteed by the same PMR of the apparatus.

how to buy a generator set

Other aspects to take into account when buying a generator set

As experts in the sale and preventive maintenance of generator sets, from Agresa we take the licence to give you some extra tips or considerations that you should take into account if you want to buy a generator set. 

how to buy a generator set

Some generator sets run on engines that can produce noise. That is why it is important to determine if its use is to feed electricity to your home or your business to acquire a soundproofed model to avoid annoying noises. In the case of being in an open space such as a construction site or a field, the noise can be a minor nuisance, and it does not represent an inconvenience to use the model with an open chassis.

The engines of the generator sets work with internal combustion, and from there you can choose petrol or diesel as fuel for their operation. Diesel generator sets have a longer range and longer service life. They are best suited for more intensive and continuous uses. 

These generators are the most robust, durable, reliable and high power. Those that run on petrol are usually less noisy and have a lower cost. They are ideal for situations in which we will give it little use and not very continuous, that is, for sporadic uses in situations where we are going to use it with its pause cycles.

how to buy a generator set

Other features or accessories to customize and adapt the generator set to our requirements or needs can be whether the start is manual or automatic, if it has remote starting, fuel tank capacity, autonomy, weight and dimensions of the generator set. 

The mobility of the generator set is another aspect when it comes to your choice. If the group already exceeds the range of 20-30 Kg and must be located in different areas of the property, it becomes important to buy a generator that has wheels to facilitate its transfer.

How to buy a generator set in Agresa?

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