Checking the diesel status of the generator is not an easy task for many users. 

Poor circulation of the fuel or its circulation in poor condition can lead to serious damage and costly problems for both the injectors and the pump.

In Agresa, with more than 30 years of experience in the world of spare parts and generator sets, we have prepared a guide with the basic tips to check the diesel status of your generator set.

Which is the first step?

Make an analysis of the specifications indicated by the BOE. Analyze the types of diesel according to whether they are diesel fuels, diesel fuels for agricultural and maritime uses or heating gas oils.

You must remember that gas oils with sulfur content exceeding 0.10% by mass can not be used in Spain. In the BOE you will find the specified categories and many more details about it.

How to check the diesel status of your generator set?, Agresa

In Annex III of the report, users will be able to validate the characteristics of the state of their diesel. They can also know the values indicated in each parameter:

Cetane number, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, flash point, water content, distillation … See the annexes for more information.

In this way, from Agresa, we analyze, identify and study the necessary treatment before a contamination. We do this to verify the diesel status of your generator set within the established parameters.

How to check the diesel status of your generator set?, Agresa

Follow these steps and … 

Make sure you are among the predetermined standards and contact us for any questions. Remember that…

Prevention is your best ally!

You can interrupt or prevent the growth of microorganisms in your generator set. In this way you get a good performance and a long life!