A frequent question our customers have when they contact us with the aim of installing a generator set is to know how much power the equipment should have. If they need the power to be high, low, if a single unit will be enough or not, etc.

In these cases, the right power for a genset will depend directly on the customer’s energy needs and the use they will make of their equipment.

grupo electrógeno Doosan

Some factors to consider when choosing the right power for a genset are:

  1. The amount and type of equipment you wish to connect to the genset. It is important to ensure that the genset has sufficient power to supply power to all the equipment you wish to connect to it.
  2. The place of use. If you plan to use the genset in a location with extreme temperatures, you may need a genset with a higher power rating to ensure good performance.
  3. Frequency of use. If the generating set will be used very frequently, it is advisable to opt for one with higher power to ensure durability and avoid overheating problems.
  4. The voltage and frequency of power required. We must ensure that the genset has the right voltage and frequency for the customer’s power needs. If the customer does not know his consumption, the Agresa team can go with the network analyser and see what his consumption is. If they already know their consumption, we will need the consumption graphs to analyse the maximum energy, start-up peaks and various factors to decide on the right power for their generator set.
  5. The space available. We must take into account the space available to install the genset and make sure that the model chosen is suitable for that space.
grupo electrógeno Doosan

Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose a genset with a slightly higher power rating than strictly necessary in order to have a safety margin and avoid possible overload problems. If you have any doubts about what power is suitable for your needs, we suggest you contact Agresa. Our team of professionals will analyse the different necessary factors and will recommend the ideal generating set for your energy needs.