Agresa Grupos Electrógenos, an eco-responsible, safe and excellent company in production processes.

Agresa Generadores, has renewed its quality and environmental certifications, after an audit carried out by  APPLUS during the month of November. We have obtained these certifications for our non-hazardous and hazardous waste management activities at our Manresa facilities.

The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications guarantee our management 

What is an ISO certificate? How are they obtained?

Obtaining these certificates is a strategic business decision; It accredits the organization’s concern to achieve excellence in its processes of organization, production, environment, security, etc. defining the direction of the efforts to improve in these areas. It helps to position the company in a line of work of continuous improvement, obtaining a clear comparative advantage with respect to its competitors.

Among the most recognized certificates are ISO (International Organization for Standardization). These rules are always of voluntary application, and usually go beyond what is required by the different national legislations; They contain specifications regarding one or more areas of the company based on the most current experience, know-how and technological development. Its compliance guarantees higher levels of quality and safety, which allows the company to position itself better in the market.

Agresa Grupos Electrógenos, has been implemented for more than 9 years management, control, security and traceability systems, which allow to guarantee their products and services. Since 2008 we have the ISO 9001 certificate and since 2013 the ISO 14001 certificate that offer us the advantage of ensuring the procedures followed by the company with the management of its processes and ensure the control of the environmental impact of our activity and how resources are managed. energy, water or waste.

All together consolidate what is called the Integral Management System, which represents a guarantee for all the participants with our  organization, Agresa Grupos Electrógenos; employees, partners, suppliers and customers.

Ensuring quality procedures, health and safety at work, in addition to evaluating and reducing the impact of our activity have always been the main pillars for Agresa.

If you have a generator that needs maintenance or you are thinking about acquiring a new one, Agresa Grupos Electrógenos is the best option to accompany you in the process, not only because of the experience acquired so far, but also because of the certifications that guarantee our work and professionalism.

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