Buying a diesel industrial generator set: features and leading brands

If you need to buy an energy generator set for your company, you should answer some questions, such as, for example…

Why buy a diesel industrial generator set?

The truth is that there is a long list of reasons for deciding to choose a diesel industrial generator set.

Firstly, industrial machinery, as a general rule, is designed to operate for many hours at a time and with little margin for error.  They are usually of “Prime” or “continuous” power and are designed to work without interruption.

As a result, if your machine is diesel operated, it will save you a lot of money and will reduce the annual operational costs. Something you should bear in mind.

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Main power or Prime power industrial generator sets

These are machines designed for unlimited use, although they must be switched off each time their professional activity is completed. We are talking about large machines, high power and advanced technology.

They are usually found in all types of industrial production plants, high-calibre works, within the sectors of mining, farms and livestock farming, telecommunications switchboards, ports and airports.

Therefore, in these cases, at Agresa we always recommend choosing a diesel generator set since the consumption is much lower than generators that operate using petrol.

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Buy a continuous power diesel generator set

The big difference between these continuous power machines and “Prime” power machines is that they can work without limits, but in this case, they don’t need to be switched off at any time. They are usually installed in hydroelectric stations, water pumping stations, control stations…

So it is important and almost a necessity that they are diesel operated in order to reduce the annual fuel consumption, as well as the polluting emissions.

In this sense, you should know that all of the brands that we work with have a line of diesel generator sets, with excellent features and an exceptional quality.

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What brands of generator sets are featured in Agresa’s catalogue?

If you have already found the answer to the initial question in this post…Why buy a diesel generator set?, then it is time for you to spend five minutes looking at our catalogue of generator sets.

We work with brands and manufacturers as renowned as Cummins, Baudouin, Doosan, Kofo, Mitsubishi or MTU. They all have different lines of generator sets, comprising high power machines with advanced features, capable of working in sensitive environments and with a great versatility.

For example, Kofo is one of the cutting edge manufacturers in terms of the research and development of new diesel engines, it has extensive know-how, and has become a world leader in recent years.

Or Cummins, a brand specialised in designing diesel and alternative fuel engines, that has worked with us for many years and manufactures generator sets for many different uses.

We end with FG Wilson, a brand specialised in the manufacturing and design of main power generator sets and complete power stations, especially created for the supply of electricity to national networks.

These are just three examples of the long list of manufacturers we usually work with. As you can see, we are ideal partners to  buy a generator set from.

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If you would like to see any of our work, you just need to spend five minutes looking at our projects section, with some of the work carried out by our technicians over the last few years.

We have an excellent technical team of professionals from the energy sector who have a wealth of experience in installing industrial generator sets in all types of premises: industrial warehouses, hospitals, sites that are off the ground, difficult to access, far from civilisation…

Contact Agresa if you have any queries about which generator set to choose

At Agresa, as specialists in the sale of generator sets, we are fully aware that choosing this type of generator set is not always an easy task.

If you have any queries or you require us to advise you from a technical point of view, you can call us by phone or come to see us in person.

We will study the exact energy needs of your business activity and will accompany you throughout the entire purchasing process.  That is our job.

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