The gas outlet in a generator set installation

The installation of generating sets has its difficulties. You need to know how to perform all aspects perfectly to avoid serious accidents.

In Agresa we offer installation of generator sets to our customers in projects with complex or simple installations. Always adapting to the needs of the client.

On this occasion, we are going to focus on something as simple as the gas outlet, a significant aspect to consider when installing generating sets.

For this reason, we must not forget that the regulations to be complied with must be considered.

Among them, the most important are:

Exhaust fumes from a generator set
Exhaust fumes from a generator set
Exhaust fumes from a generator set

Thermal insulation:

  • Se debe cumplir el aislamiento térmico de la conducción por las zonas de acceso a las personas. Asimismo, en el caso de que sea una sala muy alta -más de 4 metros- solo hay que llegar a aislar a una altura donde las personas no alcancen.

The outflow of gases to the outside

  • The gas outlet to the outside of the premises must be 1 metre above the highest part of the roof and within a radius of 10 metres.

  • Apart from the regulations, there are other essential aspects to be taken into account, such as the technical conditions.

Technical conditions:

  • The drive line shall be isolated from the engine by anti-vibration mounts to prevent noise and breakage.

  • The drive must have the appropriate section for the generator set for which it is intended. Likewise, the total length of the conduit, the bends and elbows, as well as the types of silencers to be used, must be considered. Each of these elements directly affects the performance of the generator set engine.

  • It should not be forgotten that the duct fastening is a basic part. There are installations in which this work has not been carried out considering the temperature and vibrations of the duct.

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Below, we show you some pictures where you can see what is not correct and what is correct in the installation of generator sets:

Exhaust fumes from a generator set
Exhaust fumes from a generator set
Exhaust fumes from a generator set

At Agresa we carry out all types of installations for generator sets, offering suitable solutions for each project, with qualified technical staff. Contact us now for more information.

We have a wide range of services related to the technical maintenance of your generator set.

One of our greatest assets is the excellent team of technicians, mechanics and electricians we have, capable of solving any incident, error or breakdown that your generator set may have, both before putting it into operation and during its periods of activity.

In this sense, we have a wide range of services related to the preventive and corrective maintenance of your equipment; we also have a load bank to detect possible errors and an application that will allow you to monitor the operation of the unit from start to finish, and also to carry out remote control.

We also have a great deal of experience in the installation of generator sets in complicated locations, far from the ground, many kilometres away from any urban centre…, there is no installation that we can’t handle thanks to the wonderful team of professionals we have at our disposal. If you take a few minutes to browse through our projects section or our blog, you will see what we are telling you.

Finally, remember that we work with the main manufacturers in the market, such as Baudouin, Kofo, Cummins, Doosan, Mitsubishi.

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