Generating set installation. Aspects to bear in mind of the exit of gases

The generating set installation has its difficulties. It is necessary to know how to carry out all the aspects perfectly to avoid serious accidents.

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On this occasion we are going to focus on something as simple as the exit of gases, a very important aspect to take into account when making the generating set installation

For this reason we cannot forget that the regulations to be complied with must be taken into account. Among them, the most important are:

1. Thermal insulation:

The thermal insulation of the conduction through the areas of access to people must be complied with. Likewise, in the case of a very high room -more than 4 meters- you only have to insulate at a height where people do not reach.

2. The exit of gases to the outside

The exit of gases to the outside of the room must be made with 1 meter above the highest part of the roof, and that this to a radius of 10 meters.

Besides, there are other essential aspects to take into account, besides the regulations, are the technical conditions.

3.Technical conditions:

The conduction must be isolated from the motor by anti-vibration to avoid noise and breakage.

-The conduction must have the appropriate section for the generating set to which it is destined. Likewise, the total length of the conduit, the bends and elbows. As well as the types of silencers to be used must be taken into account. Each of these elements has a direct impact on the performance of the group’s engine.

-It should not be forgotten that the fastening of the duct is a basic part. There are installations in which this work has not been carried out taking into account the temperature and vibrations of the duct.

Below, we show you some photographs where you can see what is not correct and what is correct in the installation of generators:


Generating set installation: the output of gases, Agresa

Generating set installation: the output of gases, Agresa

Generating set installation: the output of gases, Agresa

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