Restaurants are a type of business in which installing a generator set is quite common. The need for electricity is vital in a kitchen and absolutely necessary for the correct development of the activity. For this reason, there are many restaurants that have a safety generator set in the event of a power failure. Imagine going to a restaurant with three Michelin stars and the service being cut off due to a power failure. What a disaster!

But you also have to think that many restaurants and beach bars are located in areas where the electricity supply does not reach or is deficient. Those mountain bars, beach bars on secluded beaches or restaurants in the middle of nature that we like to frequent so much and that, without a generator, would not be able to exist.

grupo electrógeno Doosan

I have a restaurant, which generating set should I install?

grupo electrógeno Doosan

At Agresa we recommend installing a generating set of at least 80% of the total installed power due to the simultaneity coefficient. This is in cases where the equipment is for safety purposes. In the case of restaurants that need to operate with a generating set, a study of the specific needs of the business should be carried out in order to install the most suitable device (electrical appliances and kitchen appliances to be used, square metres to be lit, hours of use, etc.).

In addition, due to the type of business in question, we always recommend the installation of soundproof equipment. Above all, in those businesses that make continuous use of it. There is nothing more annoying than having lunch or dinner in an idyllic place with the background sound of a generator running at full capacity.

It is also important to know that the catering industry has specific regulations with very specific criteria in terms of health. This is something we should always bear in mind before installing any appliance.

What is the maintenance of a restaurant generator set?

The maintenance of equipment in a restaurant is similar to that of other installations. As a minimum, we recommend an annual preventive maintenance check. It is absolutely necessary to check its correct state and operation periodically in order to guarantee its operability and extend its useful life.

If you have a restaurant or you are thinking of creating one and you need a generator set, do not hesitate to call us. We are a company specialised in the installation of all types of generating sets. We will study your case and advise you on the ideal equipment for your facilities.