Instruction manuals for Agresa generator sets, Agresa

Specific instruction manuals for electronic exchanges or control panels of a generator set

This is another added value of Agresa for its customers: instruction manuals for generator sets, specific for electronic power plants or control panels.

Thinking about the conservation, the correct operation and to extend to the maximum the useful life of our equipment, we have begun to provide an instruction manual for the electronic exchanges and the control panels of the same ones.

In this manual you will find the basic instructions of the control center of your generator set and the preventive safety measures to avoid setbacks and handle the equipment in the best way.

Manual AMF-25
Manual SVE-E822

Principal objectives of the elaboration of these instruction manuals for generators and their power plant

Instruction manuals for Agresa generator sets, Agresa
  • Firstly, they have been designed to solve any problem as quickly as possible. In them you will find all the very clear information regarding their handling, especially thinking of operators who are not qualified for it.

  • To help companies and individuals to have the possibility of solving small incidents without having to contact the technical service.

Agresa does it with the best intention: help clients with useful information for the good management of their group.

After some time of testing with this system we have obtained conclusive results from the analyses carried out, and we can guarantee that in 65% of the cases the problems could be solved without the intervention of the technical service.

We are extremely pleased that this work has positive results for our clients. However, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and, today, we have many centres that offer the option of controlling the group, as well as the levels of indicators remotely, through a computer or tablet and one as comfortable as simple.

For more information, all you have to do is contact Agresa’s sales department and we’ll help you with everything you need. That’s what we’re here for!

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