For GRUPOS ELECTRÓGENOS AGRESA, SL it is very important the prevention of occupational risks due to the responsibility of working with good practices that assure our workers and good results.

The Labor Risks Prevention is the set of activities or measures adopted or planned in all phases of activity of the company in order to avoid or reduce the risks arising from work.

Why is Labor Risk Prevention so important?

The Prevention of Labor Risks, regulated by Law 31/1995, of November 8, is one of the fundamental pillars in the organization and management of the company since it has a human capital that must be taken care of and protected to guarantee good operation of the company as well as the health and quality of the work carried out by that human team.

The Prevention of Labor Risks is fundamental for Agresa Grupos Electrógenos due to the fact that its implementation and the correct execution of it helps to minimize to the maximum the potential accidents of work and professional illnesses.

Labor Risk Prevention Agresa, Agresa

Other advantages are that it facilitates work in safe conditions, allows compliance with current regulations, improves the management of the company and the satisfaction of workers, motivation, which leads to the creation of an optimal work environment, increasing the productivity and benefits of the company

The main obligations of the employer in the field of Labor Risk Prevention are:

  • Protect the safety and health of its workers with all the means at their disposal and in all aspects related to work, complying with the obligations that are expressly included in the prevention regulations.
  • Know the risks of your company and how they can affect your workers.
  • Plan and establish measures to avoid or minimize risks by providing the worker with information, training and the appropriate means encouraging their participation.

For our part, our workers must ensure their own safety, health at work and that of those people that may affect their professional activity because of their acts or omissions at work.

From  Agresa strives for our workers to work in compliance with the regulations and safety recommendations when they develop any of the services we offer, whether maintenance of generator sets, with the load bank testing of the generator sets, or in the process of their installation.

They must correctly use the means and protective equipment and the existing safety devices.

The employees of Agresa must also immediately inform the direct hierarchical superior and those in charge of the management of the prevention of any risk situation they detect, contribute to the fulfillment of the preventive obligations and cooperate with the employer so that the latter guarantees conditions of prevention. safe work.

Labor Risk Prevention Agresa, Agresa

That is why it is fundamental, because the Law and to avoid accidents or occupational diseases within the company, the implementation of a system of Prevention of Labor Risks that ensures safe and healthy working conditions for all workers.

Agresa has it and believes in it.