Learning about industrial generators: power meters

What is the difference between kW and kVA?

Do you have an industrial generating set? The following will interest you. The purpose of this article is none other than to establish the basic distinctions between current power meters. The big difference between these two units of measurement is the power factor: kW (Kilowatt) is the actual power unit, while kVA (Kilowatt Amperes) is the total power unit. This refers to the actual power plus the reactive power of your generator.

The standard power factor for a three-phase generator set is 0.8. However, this can vary within a fork that goes from 0 to 1. It should be noted that the kVA value will always be higher than kW because it includes reactive power.

Industrial Generator Sets in the U.S.

Learning about industrial generators: power meters, Agresa

In relation to industrial and commercial generators in countries like the United States, things change a little bit. Most commonly, kW is used to the detriment of kVA, as is not the case in the rest of the world.

In short and to finish…

Learning about industrial generators: power meters, Agresa

Basically, the denomination kW is used to measure the power that a generating set can supply, based on the power of its engine. On the contrary, the kVA establish the final and total capacity of the generating set. Always show and indicate the two power measurements so that the customer has all the information necessary for the proper functioning of your group.

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