Generating sets, like any product, evolve due to their use and wear, and can diminish their capacity and effectiveness. Agresa load bank testing allow you to assess the real state of your generator set.

If your company has a generator installed some time ago, the question you should ask is whether it gives its total capacity or has changed over time. Are we sure of its proper functioning?

Load bank testing for generator sets, Agresa

In Agresa we have a load bank testing that allows you to test the generator set up to 110% of its capacity, guarantee its proper functioning, capacity and power, as well as the load response without having to become a traumatic process for your company and/or facilities.

How do we do it?

Thanks to specific Agresa load bank testing to measure all those aspects you want to check and review about your generator set. As a result of many of these analyzes some clients have been able to streamline the decision making regarding the groups and move on to renew it completely or, on the other hand, to solve the “problems” that may arise detected after the analysis and save, temporarily, the purchase of a new generator, recovering part or all of the initial optimization of your group.

Once the tests are finished, we send a full report certifying the power of your equipment and load response, voltage graphs, power, frequency or whatever you request.

You can find in Agresa Grupos Electrógenos, your specialized partner that will help you not only in the purchase of groups, but also in their maintenance and development.

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