It’s important to extend the life of your generator and minimize the possibility of suffering incidents. This way, a good maintenance of generator sets in summer, should be the priority of any company.

Summer is a time when, unfortunately, storms are common and frequent power cuts. For them, it is imperative that a good maintenance of generators be reviewed and performed in summer. Having guaranteed the operation of the machine, without surprises, with the security that will work in one of the periods with more activity for some sectors is a must. This should not become a luxury, but is a necessity and a preventive investment for any company .


Maintenance of generator sets in summer, Agresa

Above all, a neglected generator, is a waste of money and what is worse, can cause serious incidents if it does not work as it should.

In Agresa Grupos Electrogenos we know that when performing a complete maintenance, a lot of things are important. Changing filters and oil, reviewing all the mechanical and electrical points or  reviewing the cooling system. We ensure an optimal performance of the generator, when we need it most, being a small investment, with the maximum performance.

Maintenance of generator sets in summer, AgresaOur technical service offers the solution to many companies that do not have professionals that make maintenance of their generators in summer or throughout the year.

The Agresa team is specialized and has an experience of more than 30 years. Because of this we can offer a quality service, close and resolutive. This is achieved by increasing the preventive and reaction capacity in the case that a client needs us. We minimize the damage if he has suffered an incident as a result of not having periodically reviewed his group.

If in your company you are looking for a reliable partner to be in charge of the maintenance of generators in summer, Agresa is the solution. We encourage you to contact our commercial department to analyze your situation in a personalized way .

Many of the main Hospitals of Catalonia, among many other clients, rely on us to have the generators ready every day, with the best maintenance performed, and at very tight prices.

Without good maintenance, Murphy works, the group does not.



Source: Sergi Girbau (Commercial Department)