European directives for electronic groups. What did the law say about this?

Legal technical maintenance of electronic groups, Agresa

The legal technical maintenance of a genset  is an indispensable thing both to optimize its performance and to avoid displeasure during its working time. What are the differences between the CE mark, the EU directives and the legal standards that every electric group has to comply with?

First of all, I would like to clarify that all these legislations serve because the modern gensets are designed and produced under the same criteria in all of Europe. Thus it guarantees, from a band, the safety of the operations it was intended to use, and for the other, that all its system works the right way through any situation.

European directives of gensets

When the manufacturers of electronic gensets design their equipments, they must have presented the completion of all these directives marked by the European Union:

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If the gensets comply with all these European standards, they are issued with an EC declaration of conformity. The CE mark is a mark given to industrial products. It is important to note that this distinction does not guarantee anything by itself, but is a declaration by the manufacturer that his product meets all safety standards established by the EU.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the differences between standards and directives. In the first case, we would be talking about technical specifications approved by a recognised body. If we look at the directives, we see that they are legal tools that are responsible for ensuring compliance with decisions taken by the EU to member countries such as Spain. For any doubt or advice, just contact Agresa.

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