Distance is not a problem: Manresa generating sets

Do you want a company to repair generator sets? Do you need to check the installations of your machinery? Come Agresa Manresa generator setswe are the solution!

In one hour we can be in Lleida, Girona or even Barcelona! These are the advantages of being established in a city like Manresa, located in the centre of Catalonia. Since its beginnings in 1981, Agresa has been located in Manresa. The city is in a locality that has allowed us to geolocate strategically throughout the decades.

Advantages of being established in Central Catalonia

Agresa Generator Set Manresa is located in the capital of Central Catalonia. Its location is very favorable for technical displacements in your installation of generators. We can make them the same day of the notice and with the shortest time possible. Whether in the province that is located (Barcelona) as Tarragona, Lleida and Gerona.

Distance is not a problem: Manresa generating sets, Agresa

Central Catalonia is a region of Catalonia defined as one of the seven territorial functional areas of the General Territorial Plan of Catalonia. It includes the regions of Bages (Manresa), Berguedà, Solsonès, Anoia, Osona and Moianès.

Installations of generators in the peninsula

For installation interventions, maintenance and repairs of generators in the rest of the peninsula and the Islands, in Agresa we have technical service at strategic points to assist any customer who requests it.

From our headquarters of generating sets in Manresa we transmit to our distributors all the necessary knowledge for the start up and the preventive/corrective of our generating sets to offer a personalized and efficient service. To meet all these needs, our technicians are always in constant learning.



Personalized services and technical support

Good customer service and technical support allows us to optimize time and dedicate the time and resources needed for each incident.

Distance is not a problem: Manresa generating sets, Agresa

Also, the client who requests it has all the necessary information for the proper use of the machine with personalized attention to their needs and understand their doubts. We provide all the technical details you need and are at your disposal 24 hours / 265 days a year. All this managed from the commercial technical service in our installations of generating sets Manresa.

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