Gensets Preventive Maintenance Manual: What to Keep in Mind?

Preventive maintenance protocol for gensets, Agresa

Gensets require some maintenance tasks in order to always offer their maximum potential and not give problems during operation. But… what should we take into account so that everything goes according to plan?

The truth is that both the engine and the rest of the components need periodic revisions and a correct tuning before starting the whole system.

The most important thing is to control the level of oil in the engine and the degree of dirt in the filters. On the other hand, both the alternator and the electrical panel must be subjected to an examination of the terminals and a constant and exhaustive cleaning. The water levels in the radiator must be adequate and the pump and alternator belts must be tensioned for everything to work. Ultimately, don’t forget to check the condition of the transfer pumps.

It is important to perform all these checks at least a couple of times a year.  Remember that it is highly recommended that all generating sets are started once a week. It happens the same as with cars, if they are stopped for a long time, then it costs a lot to start the first time.

Preventive maintenance of gensets and advice that will be of great help to you

Preventive maintenance protocol for gensets, Agresa

Preventive maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of your genset. Start with a general inspection and move on to more specific tasks. Make sure that the heating resistor of the Carter works well and at the correct temperature. Secondly, don’t forget to check the state of the battery as well as the electrolyte level of the equipment.

Keep dirt and dust away from your unit. Above all the control panel and the commutations. At Agresa we always advise our customers to carry out a test from the automation panel to avoid all kinds of errors during their activity.

Write down and keep under control the voltage of the generator and the network as well as the intensity of the installation and the frequency of the generator set.

For detailed information or if you need more personal advice, simply contact Agresa’s sales department. Just like that!

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