What is the preventive maintenance of your generator set?

When we speak of preventive maintenance we refer to all those actions that must be carried out in a generator set, periodically, for its correct operation and to reduce errors or failures to the minimum expression. They can be divided into two groups: mechanical and electrical factors.

Preventive maintenance of your generating set. What should I know?, Agresa

Everything you have to take into account for the proper functioning of the mechanics of your group

  • First, check that the oil level in the engine and injection pump is correct.

  • A general inspection of the engine must be carried out, with emphasis on the state of the water circuit and the alternator.

  • Also check the water level in the radiator.

  • The oil levels in the individual mother tank and the main tank must be correct, otherwise they must be refilled.

  • It is very important to check that there are no oil or water leaks.

  • Do not forget to check that the pump and alternator belts are taut and in perfect condition.

  • The generating set must operate with a temperature that always oscillates between 30º and 40º.

  • Finally, don’t forget to check the operation and condition of the transfer pumps.

Service of preventive maintenance of generators sets
Preventive maintenance of your generating set. What should I know?, Agresa

Electrical factors to take into account for the preventive maintenance of your equipment

  • Make sure that the heating resistor of the crankcase is working properly and at the correct temperature.

  • Check electrolyte level and battery status.

  • Clean and remove dust from the control panel and commutations.

  • Perform a test from the group’s own automation box to ensure that there will be no unexpected errors. The duration should be at least 15 minutes.

  • Note the generator and mains voltage in volts.

  • Write down the installation intensity of the power supply of the group and the frequency of the generator in cycles per second.

If you have doubts or need us to advise you for a good preventive maintenance of your equipment, just contact Agresa and our technical team will answer all the questions that are necessary. The most important thing for us is the health of your generator set! If you want to check again that your electric group is working correctly, we offer you the service of tests with electric bench to ensure the performance of your electric group in any circumstance, because we consider that the most important is the state of your electric group!

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