Project for the installation of a generator set: to consider when choosing the location of your genset

Obviously the first thing to do is to look for a space in the installation where the daily tasks are hindered as minimally as possible. If you have to design a project for the installation of a generator set for your company, it is important that you have clear guidelines that will avoid setbacks, errors and possible future breakdowns.

The first thing to consider is whether the floor will support the weight of all equipment, bearing in mind that the group has additional weights such as diesel, oils or refrigerants.

It is important that you are advised by a good calculator who can provide your usual architect.

In the case of the group’s complete installation, we offer you the possibility, free of charge, of being advised by an engineer such as those we have in the Agresa team of professionals.

On the other hand, it is recommended that the group be as near as possible to the support of the structure avoiding in this way that it enters into resonance with the vibrations of the group, which in the case of this located in a structure of a building (from the first floor to the roof) leaving one or two meters of space between the wall and the body or structure of the equipment can become harmful.

It is basic to eliminate all the vibrations of the equipment by putting between it and the ground anti-vibration elements of the necessary frequencies so that the structure does not suffer, as well as if it is necessary to carry out a distribution of loads through a greater metallic structure.

If it is a principal or continuous power generating set, you should consider buying it soundproofed. Nowadays, all the main manufacturers on the market have soundproofed lines and models. The investment is a little larger, but much more profitable than having to soundproof the entire room.

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Other factors to consider in a generator set installation project

When a project to install a generating set begins, it is very important to know that these equipments usually emit polluting and harmful gases for our organism. In consequence, the installation of the exit of gases to the outside according to norms has to be totally isolated.

This is also important for the necessary conduction to the outside of the hot air outlet from the engine cooling to avoid overheating faults.

No less important is the supply of air to the room through a window that maintains the section and flow necessary for refrigeration.

In the case that the room for the installation of the generating set does not have direct communication to the outside, suitable ducts must be designed and, at the last extreme, electric assistance must be provided for cooling.

On the other hand, think that the generator set is a source of heat and must always work at the right temperature, therefore, a room with the right ventilation will contribute directly to the proper functioning of the equipment and will greatly reduce maintenance tasks.

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