Batteries are an essential element for the operation of generating sets. Their function is to accumulate energy to guarantee the operation of the equipment they supply and thus allow it to function correctly. This means that, even if a generating set is disconnected from the mains, it can still operate normally.

In this way, the batteries supply electricity to both the passive and active functions of the generating sets and are necessary for the transformation of alternating and direct current.

But what happens if the battery of a generating set fails, could it explode and how can this be avoided? Below, we explain all these questions.


Reasons why a battery may explode

A battery in a normal state does not usually explode. Its manufacture and design are designed precisely to avoid such cases. However, there are occasional occasions when an explosion could occur due to a concentration of elements described below.

Generating sets have an automatic battery charger which, during the last stages of charging and due to a process called electrolysis, decomposes some of the battery electrolyte into hydrogen and oxygen.

The hydrogen, which is highly explosive and lighter than air, could accumulate and form a gas cloud. This situation does not affect the normal operating conditions of a genset in any way. However, if a spark occurs at this point in time when a hydrogen cloud is formed, either for electrical or mechanical reasons, an explosion could occur.

How to avoid battery explosions?

The ideal and most important thing is to do a good preventive maintenance of your generator set. At Agresa we are experts in maintenance services for your equipment. It is advisable to check not only the correct operation of the generator set itself, but also its battery. Checking it frequently and detecting possible faults or errors in its operation in time is of vital importance to avoid incidents.

In the case of possible battery explosions, proper ventilation of the generating set is also important. It is true that conditions under which the equipment can be ventilated cannot always be fulfilled, since generating sets are often required precisely in installations or locations that are difficult to access. However, whenever possible, it is appropriate to provide the equipment with proper ventilation so that possible hydrogen emissions, should they occur, do not accumulate around the equipment.

If you have a generator set and you notice that its operation or that of its battery is not working properly, call us and we will check it. Our maintenance team will be in charge of assessing the possible incidents in your installation. Avoid unnecessary scares by taking care of and checking your equipment on a recurring basis.