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Feedback on our generators.

Knowing how to listen to and fit the criticisms in a constructive way are two premises that we would like to be defined. Since the company was founded, we have been well aware of the importance of our customers’ opinions. We make regular phone calls and email surveys, with the aim of offering a close deal, making sure we have done our job well and improving our services with a view to the future.

Agresa opinions

Next, we want to mention the main aspects that our clients have valued and that we believe define us.

  • Speed and effectiveness in solving problems.

    This is one of the pillars of our company. We try to be decisive, effective and not waste our clients’ time.

  • We have a great team of professionals and specialists

    Formation is very important and must be constant throughout life. All our experts are trained and prepared to install, work and repair the most modern generators on the market. They know new technologies and new models perfectly.

  • Preventive maintenance of generating sets

    Knowing the product you sell is the key to success, generating trust and increasing the value of your company. At Agresa, we study each generating set to the millimeter and design a preventive maintenance plan for each of our customers.

  • Servicio de atención al cliente

    Customer service is another recurring theme among the opinions we have received over the years. Whether it’s preparing a budget, preparing the part of a repair, or resolving doubts that may arise, in the race for quality and good treatment, we believe there is no finish line.

Help us to improve and grow as a company

Online opinions about Agresa show a high degree of customer satisfaction. Both with the products and with the delivery, consulting and repair services that we offer. On the other hand, we know that there are always aspects that can be improved and that is an extra motivation in our daily life.

Therefore, we invite you to send us any suggestions, advice or comments through our website to help us all grow together and continue working in the best possible way.

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