Generator repairs can be avoided most of the time by performing maintenance

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The repair of generating sets can be a major expense for any company. At Agresa we have always defended that, in order to avoid greater evils, it is of vital importance to carry out all the necessary maintenance tasks that guarantee the good operation of the group under any circumstance, in addition to considerably extending its useful life.

There are two different types of maintenance; firstly, we have the preventive one, which includes all those tasks with which it is guaranteed that the generating sets are kept in an appropriate state for their use at any time. We are talking about the revision of the machinery, equipment and installations, which must be carried out periodically to avoid possible failures in the system during periods of activity. Secondly, we have the corrective maintenance, which is the one that gathers all those necessary tasks to fix a possible breakdown during its operation.

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Generator repair: information to be noted on your generator’s preventive maintenance sheet

Below, we will detail everything that should be on a preventive maintenance sheet, as well as what should always be taken into account when performing such tasks on your generating set:

Electronics of a generating set

  • Carter’s heating resistors

  • Electrolyte level and battery condition

  • Cleaning of painting

  • Cleaning of the switchgear

  • Visual inspection switching

  • Start and test automation

  • Test duration (minimum 15 minutes)

  • Generator voltage in volts

  • Mains voltage in volts

  • Intensity of the unit’s power supply system

  • Generator frequency in cycles per second

Mechanics of a generating set

  • Engine oil level

  • Oil level in injection pump

  • General engine inspection

  • Engine radiator water level

  • Oil level in the individual holding tank

  • Oil level in the main tank

  • Leakage of water acceptance

  • Condition of the straps

  • Check the operation of the transfer pumps

  • Engine temperature between 38 and 40º

  • General cleaning of the group

  • Paint condition of the housing

If you have any doubts or questions about preventive maintenance, just contact us. We have an excellent technical service, formed by great professionals, with many years of experience behind them.

On the other hand, if you need to repair your equipment, we can help you. We are specialists in large generators, with special attention to installations in complicated places.

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Our new app will allow you to remotely control and monitor your genset

We cannot forget to mention that we have recently launched a new application, available for both Android and iPhone, which will allow you to control and manage your installation or group remotely, comfortably from your home, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It has been designed to send data to your mobile device, being able to manage your equipment in real time, control incidents, stop alarms or anticipate any setbacks during its period of activity.

This process was very complicated a few years ago, but thanks to new technologies, it has become simple, effective and reliable in equal parts. Ask us for information without obligation!

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We have a wide range of generating sets

As we have mentioned before, we have an excellent technical assistance service, used to work with some of the best brands in the current energy market. If you take two minutes to browse through the catalogue on our website, you will see that we work with the world’s leading manufacturers: KOFO, Baudouin, FG Wilson, Cummins, Dosan, Mitsubishi and MTU.  All of them are reference brands and have a strong commitment to research and development of new engines and more efficient, productive and clean energy generation technologies.

If you are thinking of buying one of these industrial generating sets, it is important that we get in touch. Call us at 93 877 20 20, send an e-mail to or fill in the form you will find on this website. We are waiting for you!

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