Sale of generators. How to find the one you need. 

Agresa will pressentthe key points of the process for the sale of generators. With the keys, you can properly choose the one you need.

To buy and for the sale of generators it is essential that you know the machinery. In Agresa we define a guide with the characteristics and classes that you can find.

What is a generator set?

A generator set is a machine composed of an internal combustion engine (usually a diesel engine) and an electric generator (usually an alternator). The objective of the generating set is to be able to generate an electric current that supplies the electric demand of an installation or a building.

Sale of generators. Categories and characteristics, Agresa

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Use and services of generators set

When buying or selling generators, we must first identify what our project or installation requires. In this way, we will be able to know how to choose a generator set according to its service or use.

On the one hand, generators can be used to supply electricity in places where there is no regular supply. On the other hand, they serve as emergency power plants. They can also be used for more complex functions such as supporting electrical networks during peak hours or also for exporting an electrical network.


Sale of generators. Categories and characteristics, Agresa

Nowadays generators are really important in commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, cpd and industries. It can even become a legal obligation in some countries like ours.

The power of your generator according to your project

For the sale of generators sets it is essential to know their characteristics. Next, we tell you the power you need based on your use:
Auxiliary emergency power generating set or generating set for emergency or stand by mode.

Auxiliary emergency power generator set or generator set for emergency or stand by mode.

These are generators that are used for a short period of time, when there is a power outage. These products are focused for emergencies and the time of use is limited. When the main power comes back, they stop working. They are ideal for homes, homes, and small industries or businesses. The time of use in hours is limited.

Auxiliary Power Generating Set

Used as an energy booster. The time of use in hours is limited. However, it can use variable loads. They are suitable for hospitals, medium-sized industries, events or buildings.

Sale of generators. Categories and characteristics, Agresa

Prime Power Genset

This group is used as the main source of energy. They are equipments with great load capacity and generally fixed or static. In addition, although it seems to be a continuous use, it is not. These generating sets are a very powerful main source of energy. The time of use of this machinery in hours is unlimited. But it must be borne in mind that, once the work is finished, they are disconnected. These powers are suitable for large industrial plants, mines, works.

Continuous Power Generating Group or Continous Power

Generally, this equipment does the same function as the main one. Although there is one feature that clearly differentiates it: it remains in use all the time, because there are operations that can never be turned off. Thus, the time of use in hours is unlimited. It is used for water pumping stations, base load in a power station, etc.

Sale of generators. Categories and characteristics, Agresa

Now we know a little more about generators. If you need more information for the purchase of your generating set, do not hesitate to contact the commercial department of Agresa, professionals in the sector, who will advise you on your best option.