The different lines of R & D that is taking the energy sector and generators

The future of the energy sector and gesets, Agresa

As a company dedicated to the sale of generator sets in Barcelona, we want to analyze a little the current market. The lines of research in the energy sector and generator sets can be summed up in three main fields:

  • Special attention to the preservation and sensitivity to the environment and to the development of equipment and machinery

  • A growing development and commitment to data collection technologies, remote management and Big Data. Gensets increasingly enjoy better control systems and data processing.

  • During the last few years, the companies that manufacture this equipment and their engineers have begun to understand generating sets as parts of more complex systems within a network infrastructure.

Sustainability and all aspects related to the environment

In this sense, a great deal of progress has been made in recent years, whether we are talking about the reduction of polluting emissions or about the reduction of noise in modern generator sets.  Stricter limits have been established for pollutant emissions from engines, and significant improvements have been implemented in cooling, air conduction or exhaust systems, in terms of noise emission. All brands have launched a line of silent and environmentally friendly generators.

The future of the energy sector and gesets, Agresa

Data collection and remote management: the Big Data phenomenon

Our society is taking giant steps in this direction. We control more and more things remotely: gensets, heating systems, security…, and all this requires valid tools for the management of huge databases.  For all these reasons, engineering companies related to this type of technology have grown exponentially in recent years, both in the field of energy and in other sectors such as hydraulics, nuclear …

The future of the energy sector and gesets, Agresa

Modern gensets: a small part of more complex systems

The integration of generators into larger networks and infrastructures is a daily and normal part of the sector. It is a certainty that we are evolving towards a model where the diesel generator set must be able to integrate more and more into a larger and more complex generation system.

With all this in place, the companies responsible for the manufacture of generator sets need to reinvent themselves and invest a large part of their budgets in research and development. Agresa is very clear about this. And you?

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