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What are your electrical or industrial needs?

This is the key question you need to answer to find out which generator is right for you. Remember that when generators are designed for industrial use, they are often called generators. That said, it’s time to start with their classification:

  • Emergency Auxiliary Power: designed for small businesses or the home, usually used for a very short period of time, between 50 and 200 hours maximum. They have a low or medium charging time and usually run on gasoline.

  • Auxiliary Power: this group is used to complement the conventional electrical system by way of reinforcement. It uses variable loads and is usually found in hospitals, buildings, businesses or events of all kinds. It can be maintained for up to 300 hours per year.

  • Continuous Power: as its name indicates, the time of use is unlimited, its load is fixed and the time is always calculated before starting it. It is very common to find them in water pumping stations, hydroelectric or electric power stations and places where a great power is required.

  • Main Power: in this case we are in front of generators that are used as a main energy source (Prime Power). They are specially designed for unlimited use in terms of the hours they must be in operation. The vast majority go with diesel and enjoy a variable load that can never exceed 25 hours of overload per year. They are specially designed for industry, large production plants, construction sites, mines and other industrial sectors. They usually have a fixed location and a large load capacity.


sale generators Barcelona

One of the factors that cannot be overlooked is soundproofing, since there are places and situations, such as hospitals, where noise emission must be minimised as much as possible.

Key points to consider when choosing a generator set

sale generators Barcelona

Agresa advises you that when choosing a generator group, it is important to choose a company that provides specialized technical support for possible breakdowns or maintenance tasks.

Well, with us you don’t have to worry. Our technical service is made up of real professionals and all our equipment is guaranteed. Agresa knows that trust is a very important factor in establishing a long and lasting relationship with each and every one of its customers. That said, how can we help you?