Do you need a generator for your company?

Agresa: a reference generator sets sales company in Barcelona, Agresa

As a gensets company we wanted to publish this post explaining some of the most important reasons why you should consider buying a genset for your company.

The truth is that there are endless reasons for it. In the first place, if your business requires generating electricity for many hours or days without interruption, the ideal is to buy a diesel generator set. If you use heavy machinery and can’t trust the conventional power grid because it’s usually cut off, it’s vitally important that you start thinking seriously about it.

Obviously, if your facilities are far from urban centers and cities, and do not have access to the electricity grid, then you will have no choice but to invest in an industrial generating set, depending on the power your activity needs.

They also become indispensable in places where all kinds of services are offered: hospitals, schools, police stations, old people’s homes…

Running out of electricity in places like these can lead to irreparable losses and it is strictly necessary that you have a generator in case the power grid goes down.

Generator sets adapted and prepared to supply electricity in any situation

Agresa: a reference generator sets sales company in Barcelona, Agresa

Agresa is a generator sales company that works with the world’s leading brands: Cummins, Baudouin, Doosan, FG Wilson, Kofo, Mitsubishi or MTU.

These manufacturers are leaders in the energy sector and over the last few years have designed and developed all kinds of latest generator sets, with special attention to soundproofed equipment, low consumption, and low rates of pollutant emissions. Always emphasizing the preservation of the environment or improving data collection, while keeping in mind that the main priority is to meet the electricity needs of each of its customers.

That said, if you need more information or advice, just contact Agresa’s sales department and we’ll study your case carefully, with the aim of finding the perfect solution and equipment for you. That’s our job!

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