Sale of generators for hospitals: where a power failure can cause irreparable losses.

venta de grupos electrógenos para hospitales barcelona

Hospitals are totally and completely dependent on electricity. Without it, it would not be possible to perform a high percentage of all the tasks that are practiced on a daily level: monitored patients, surgical operations, specific treatments, x-rays… and so on until a long list of actions that depend completely on the electrical network is filled. In this sense, its failure could cause losses that are very difficult to quantify and irreparable.

For all these reasons, at Agresa we always recommend that hospital managers have a generator that guarantees the normal operation of the hospital in the event of a fall from the conventional electrical network.

If there is a cut in the energy distribution network, hospital generator sets must offer all the guarantees, both in terms of starting time, so that it hardly affects activity in operating theatres, test benches, laboratories or hospitalization plants, as well as supply.

Sale of generators for hospitals: what services should these equipments offer?

Generators in hospitals must comply with a series of specific peculiarities so that the activities and tasks of the centre are not altered. Being a place full of sick people and where the noise is very annoying, Agresa always recommends deciding to buy a silent generator.

In order to reduce the fuel consumption and save budget at the end of the year, it is better to choose a diesel engine. It should be noted that the vast majority of modern electrical distribution equipment is already designed with these engines. You will be interested to know that at Agresa we work directly with leading manufacturers in the current market such as Kofo, Mitshubisi, FG Wilson, Baudouin o Doosan.

Agresa Generator Sets

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