In which situations will you be grateful that your genset is silent?

Why should you buy a silent generator set?, Agresa

Generator sets are machines that, by definition, emit different types of noise. The demands of today’s market have forced the companies that manufacture them to develop a new range of silent or soundproof generator sets over the last few years.

That is why these companies began to investigate and search for new materials that would be able to contain noise and reduce it to the minimum expression.

It should not be forgotten that continuous exposure to high amounts of noise can seriously harm your health or that of your workers. Numerous medical studies have shown that it could cause: fatigue, stress, aggressiveness, sleep disorders, neurosis…

In this sense, one of the main characteristics of silent generator sets is the ability to emit amounts of noise always below 70 dB, a limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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What do you need to take into account when choosing your silent generator set?

Why should you buy a silent generator set?, Agresa

If you are looking for a silent generator set we can help you. Keep in mind that, today, all brands have a line of soundproofed and silent equipment to meet the needs of different sectors.

The most important thing is that you calculate the exact amount of decibels emitted by the generating set you are interested in, to find out if it is really what you need. Compare it to other models and make the right decision. This type of equipment is often used in office buildings, hospitals, residences…

If you have questions or need more advice, just contact our sales department and we will find the solution that best suits your needs. This is the daily work of our team of technicians and specialists!

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