If a maxim of your company is to be prevented so as not to have to cure, thanks to this week’s Agresa advice, obtained as a result of more than 30 years of experience in the sector and in offering energy solutions throughout the territory, there’s no reason why  you can’t have an Agresa Summer!

If you are a company whose usual activity can be affected by the change of seasons, forcing you to increase your production capacity and depend on the electric power for your supplies and the good functioning of the company, now that the summer begins, follow our Agresa advice and listen to us when we tell you that there is only one question you should ask yourself:

¿Do you have your generator set ready for the rise in temperatures? 

As usual, in summer, the electrical consumption of the installations increases, causing the generating sets to be forced to work in extreme conditions. It is not only that much more is required, but that weather conditions do not favor being able to withstand the abruptness of the change in intensity that sometimes occurs.

For this reason, it is important to keep in mind the following key points:

  • Coolant level in the radiator. >> Maintaining a high level of coolant will help greatly to the proper functioning of the generator set, especially if we know that it will be exposed to high temperatures as a result of seasonality.
  • Radiator cleaning status. >> If no cleaning of the radiator of the generator has been done until the moment of its installation or it has been done for a long time, an Agresa advice is that you take advantage of the occasion. In order to carry out a correct cleaning of the engine you can inform yourself in the preventive maintenance page of Agresa or contact us.

  • Good condition of the sleeves. 
  • Possible losses of refrigerant. >> This or any other abnormal loss can seriously affect the operation of the generator set leading to a breakdown at the worst of times. For these occasions Agresa Generators offers reactive maintenance service. A good Agresa advice is not to stop reviewing the smallest details of the groups periodically, so the company saves an unexpected cost and the correct operation.

AGRESA offers 365/24 services and generator set tests in a mobile load bank to find out if your group is prepared for the summer.

And if you think it is best to buy a new generator, we recommend you to access our app free to help you with the election. Still, if you have consultations you can contact with us for any clarification or doubt.

The best Agresa advice is that it is very important for the maintenance of your generator set to have a team of trusted professionals by your side.